Thursday, November 17, 2011



Yesterday was such a great day!

It was just the kind of day I've been needing.

We had a little bit o' this:
Yesterday was Jilly's surprise birthday par-tay at the tumble gym. I am the least tumbly person ever, and I was still in heaven. 
G pulled some mad tricks on the trapeze, and I mostly enjoyed the uber bouncy tramps.
I may or may not be too sore to function.

and a little bit o' these:
seriously though, who doesn't LOVE new glasses.
sometimes I just gotta throw out my contacts and embrace my inner 4-eyes!

We threw in some of this:

And you better believe we had a bit of this:
 my christmas playlist has consisted entirely of these two lately.
what can i say....they're the best in the bid-ness.

And last but not least:

The vast majority of my headaches over the past 4 months have been a side-effect of trying to get insurance.
I'll spare you the whole novel of a story, but basically the insurance companies kept thinking I had cancer. And the only way to prove them wrong was to pay all our moneys to take stupid tests that we already know the results of. 
But finally, as of yesterday, we are covered!
So now if I happen to slice my finger while chopping veggies, 
or slip on ice and hurt my leg, 
or get hurt in any of the endless ways my clumsy-self would....
I'll be able to get all healed up at the doctors! 
It's just nice finally be able to tell that stupid little voice in the back of my head that's been nagging me to get this all taken care of to shut-up
That's right. You heard me. 
You have no idea how long I've been waiting to say that. 

Yesterday was so so great! Especially for a wednesday!
Wednesdays are moving up on the favorite day list for sure!

Thursdays aren't so bad either :D
Hope yours is lovely!



  1. So cute! I love all the pictures! I am so glad you guys came!

  2. Why did they think you had cancer??
    I'm glad you got it all figured out, insurance is such a headache, even after you do have it.

  3. wait. josh groban. my love...try so amy grant...breath of heaven.


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