Wednesday, November 30, 2011

thanksgiving break


I feel like I have all these things to blog about, but I just don't have time! Or maybe motivation!
Pretty sure all my time and motivation are being used up on these last two weeks of school.

Guess what!!!! I'm almost done with college for-ev-er!!!! Can you believe it?!
I can. I think I would have believed it last semsester. Or the semester before that.
But I'm finally here! And I'm pretty proud of myself, to be honest with you.

So I only have a week and a half left of classes, and then ALL my finals are scheduled for the next Wednesday.
So in two weeks from right this very second, I will be done with college homework and exams and papers and finals for the rest of forever.
Well...unless I decide to get a masters. Which wouldn't be for a couple years anyways. So I'm gonna celebrate like it's the end!

It's a really good thing we had Thanksgiving Break last week, or else I don't think I'd have the power to finish. But it was the perfect little break to give me the boost to endure to the end.

Wednesday we woke up at 6am and jumped in the car anxious to see moms, dads, sisters, brothers, nieces, sisters boyfriends, and sisters roommates.

It was a weekend full of:

  • tayler and ryenn.
  • mom's delicious dinners.
  • monopoly deal
  • lots of turkey
  • and mashed potatoes!
  • cutting down christmas tree's!
  • movies with family
  • football games!
  • chatting with sisters about exciting things
  • crafting with mother
  • showing dad-frame how to use his new ipad
  • sleeeeeeep!!

Now I just gotta hold it together until Christmas break!

Framily Pictures
the best guy I know
 so so lucky to have the best mom in the world


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