Monday, November 14, 2011

it's all good, yo

Today I am really really happy.

Life is good, ya know?

I just have a really really good feeling about this week.

Like, its going to be a good one!
I'm pretty positive.

Even though it's monday,
and we woke up late, 
and I have two papers due at midnight,
and a big test tomorrow,
and then three more papers due within a week,
and husband probably isn't going to be home much,
because he has mean teachers,
and it's supposed to snow....

Even though we got all that junk going on,
I still feel like it's going to be a real good week.

Maybe it has something to do with the great weekend that we just had...
it's greatness is spreading into this week.

We spent our weekend:
- watching Utah State beat BYU (party for me!)
- making personal pizzas with best friends
- attending a lovely baby shower (just me)
- playing some golf on the xbox (just g)
- mourning the loss of my bsu broncos
- playing a mean game of croquet with other best friends
- followed by going out for sliders, a new obsession of mine
- rocking our lesson in Sunday School
- and then having an insanely delicious pre-thankgiving dinner with more great friends
- and a mean, mean game of small world! 

We live for weekends in this family!
And this past one was exactly what we needed to give us the momentum to make it through this upcoming week!

Sadly, I didn't get any pictures except from Saturday night.
It was seriously so so much fun!

Here we go.

check out our form:

posing with the scenery:


and just some good fun:

We are so blessed with such great friends!

Now we're looking forward to another great weekend to carry us into Thanksgiving Break!

Hallelujah, I say! Hallelujah!!!


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