Sunday, November 06, 2011


this was a fun weekend.

i have about a million posts that i'm anxious to write, but i can't seem to organize my thoughts, so maybe i'll get to those later.

but for now, this was our weekend.

it was just what the doctor ordered.

filled with great friends, football, denny's (which sadly/grossly has practically become a weekly habit), and lots of games!

Friday night we had Mindy and Nate over for a mean game of settlers! All summer Mindy begged us to play settlers, but we were all settled out, so we never obliged. We decided it was about time to let her have her way, especially since she was always such a good sport about playing the games we wanted to play. It was the perfect friday night activity! A little strategy, a little road race (in the game), and leftover halloween candy and birthday cake!

Saturday we slept in until 11. I know! It was just one of those weeks I guess. We were just pillow talking in bed when Aaron and Jill called us out to a breakfast double date to Dennys! Denny's has become a tradition for G and his teammates after their football games, but this week they had a bye, so we hadn't gone yet. I actually don't love the food of Denny's, but it is so cheap! Normally we end up having a great night with our friends and end up with a bill of about $4. Not bad, huh? So after a fun breakfast with them, G went to a football practice and I did some reading for my new book club (I know, I feel so cool)! Then, last minute, we had some friends come to watch the big LSU/Alabama football game. We had pizza and cookies, and just enjoyed the company. Slowly more and more people showed up, and by the end of the football game, we had just enough people there to play a wicked game of Bang! One of our favorite games ever! It was a great game, and pretty competitive, but all in good fun! G, lowkey, and jilly were the victors and they let the whole apartment complex learn it (as we learned today at church. Our neighbors heard us chanting 'Jill! Jill! Jill!'....oops).

Sunday: We lingered in bed a bit longer thanks to daylight savings time. Fall back baby!! Then enjoyed a wonderful day at church followed a lord of the rings/snuggle marathon. It really was the perfect weekend.

Now we have to endure tests and papers and countless hours of boringness before our next weekend. Hopefully we can make it.....



p.s. pics from sat:

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