Wednesday, December 14, 2011

12 dates of christmas

This year I proposed the idea of doing a '12 dates of christmas' to G. Frame.
I got the idea from mr tiesandfries from instagram...also known as taza's husband.

It's very casual and hasn't required much planning, but I've really loved it so far! We're not too big on expensive dates in this family. I'd much rather make a fun ritzy dinner, than go out to eat. So most of our dates have been extremely low budget. And that is exactly how we like it.

Date 1: Picking out our Christmas Tree!!! G and I are all about real Christmas trees! I just think everything is better when it's real. It's less expensive, it smells amazing!, and we don't have to lug it around every time we move. I just can't imagine storing a tree year round in our little apartments. So we're all about the live ones! On Thursday, the first, we jumped in G's cute little truck and drove ourselves all over Utah to find our perfect little tree! We seriously went to three different lots. That husband of mine is pretty picky ;) Finally we found the perfect little addition to our home from a lot in springville. We listened to Christmas music in the car, and when the radio wasn't working I serenaded G with my own versions of "its the most wonderful time of the year!"

Date 2: On Friday night, G and I cooked up some yummy dinner, turned on the Josh Groban station on pandora, and decorated our tree. We got a pretty little tree skirt for 50% off at Hobby Lobby (sn: all christmas decorations are 50% off right now) and some supplies to make our own ornaments. G mostly watched me whip out my creative skills and make most of them, but he ended up making a few too. Once the ribbon and ornaments were in place, we turned out all the lights, lit our tree, and popped in The Santa Clause. It was the definition of happy.

Date 3: Saturday morning we ventured out to the Awful Waffle and got some delicious crepes! Oh my heaven! We bought a groupon there a couple weeks ago, and I probably wouldn't buy it again, but it was the perfect Saturday morning treat. It was too cold to use their outdoor seating, so we sat in our little car with the heat full blast and enjoyed our crepes together.

Date 4: Saturday night we doubled with Nate and Mindy, and went to see The Help. Which, by the way, I recommend to everyone! Then Aaron and Jill met up with us and we enjoyed a night of games and root beer favorite way to spend a saturday night.

Date 5: Last night we had our good friends, the Atwoods over. They are one of those couples that we just click with! We made this for dinner with salads and rolls! Then we seriously played like 80 rounds of Monopoly Deal, and when we got sick of that we pulled out Bang. By the end of the night the boys were watching the bowl game lineup on espn and steph and I were just chatting.

Sorry I didn't take pictures of those last two dates. Tonight is date numero 6 (to celebrate officially being done with school) and I'll definitely bring my camera around!

Good luck with finals, my friends!



  1. The Santa Clause is my favorite christmas movie, hands down.

  2. What a fun idea! I love your Christmas tree!


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