Monday, December 26, 2011

peeing is believing

Well....actually, it wasn't.

After peeing positively on FOUR little baby sticks....G and I were seriously like...

"hmmmm.....i'm not sure.....lets check with a doctor before it's official."

The doctors laughed at me. Seriously laughed in my face.
They asked me if I had taken any at-home pregnancy tests and I told them that I took three.
Yes, I lied. For some reason four seemed so much more pathetic than three.
On the way out the door to check my official results, my doctor gave me an official congratulations!

It still didn't feel real...but at that moment it sunk in a little bit more!

And during these past few weeks, I keep having those 'sinking in' experiences.

Today it sunk in a lot as I bent over the toilet emptying out all of my insides one million times.

I thought to myself:

"wow....I think I really am pregnant. Not just super tired and cranky for no reason. Pretty sure there's a real babe in my belly."

Another 'sinking in' moment was when we got to tell our families! 
Shrieks, tears, and bear-hugs have never felt so good.

We staggered my family out since they're all over the country...but as of yesterday everyone knows!
And we told G's family last sunday during Dad-Frame's birthday! 
We got it on video and I'm pretty sure I've watched it one milllllllion times!

Normally one of the first thing people ask me is how I'm feeling....
My response: HAPPY!!!
Seriously. I can't imagine life being any better right now. I feel like I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be, doing exactly what I'm supposed to do. 
I have been really tired, and up until today, not too sick. Just nauseous. Today was my first really sick day, and I've been able to keep it under control for the most part. 
I'm happy to be on vacation where I can take as many naps as I need and baby shop and veg-out the rest of the time!
G would also have me report that my hormones have been on an upside-down, twisty, turny, curvy roller coaster. Though I'm happier than ever, my temper seems to forget that sometimes. I'm quick to catch it, so it hasn't been too bad. But still....sorry G.

But seriously, life is good!

I can't believe G and I are really going to have a real life little bebe in August. I already love this little jelly-bean more than words can express. My heart is overflowing with love and happiness for my little family! I don't care about the nausea or waking up feeling like I ran a marathon during the night. I don't care if I have to pee 80 times a day and, even though I'm starving at all times, nothing sounds good. Even if I puke my brains out for 9 months, as long as I get a healthy and happy little babe at the end of it all....I'm pretty positive it'll be worth it.
Pretty dang positive :)




  1. Congrats Kaela! You can already tell you are going to be such a good mommy! Sacrifice is what its all about and you already got it down. I am seriously so happy for you guys! :) Hope you feel better. :)

  2. Kaela that's just so dang exciting!! Perfect timing, with you all done with school and all! Our babies can be friends!

  3. Kaela that's just so dang exciting! we are so happy for you and Garrett! Once you get through the 1st trimester, you'll feel like you've conquered the world:)

  4. K pretty sure I just wrote 2 comments...just delete this one and one of the other ones so it doesn't look so creepy haha

  5. I love peppermint essential oil for nausea, it works great! Congrats! love you!!!

  6. So excited for you!! Peppermint essential oil is my favorite nausea helper! Love from Oregon!!

  7. I am so happy that my little sis is pregnant!! ...and our babes will only be a couple months apart! wahoOOOO!! Sorry you are sick already, I hope it gets better. I love you!


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