Monday, January 16, 2012

Cruisin Part I

We're baaaaaccck!!!!!!

Oh my goodness, is it freezing in Utah or what?!
I think my body forgot that it's winter or something.
I am not adjusting very well.

I have to admit, I was a little nervous about this cruise.
1. I get sea sick very easily. 7 days on a cruise ship, when one is sea sick, sounds like hell. Excuse the language.
2. And even if I didn't get sea sick, this morning sickness bid-ness had high potential to ruin everything.
3. This baby has a very interesting appetite. What if the cruise only has food the babe doesn't like?
4. 2k people on one ship....there's bound to be some spreading of sicky germs.

Luckily!! None of the above happened! I wore those sea band things on the ship at all times and I think they helped. Maybe I wouldn't have been sick even without them, but I wasn't willing to find out. I only got sick twice on the whole trip, once in Grand Cayman on a very rocky ride out to a snorkeling site, and then just a little bit of morning sickness on the last day. I washed my hands often and used hand sanitizer at every chance. And I was blessed! And there was soooo much dang food. It was actually a little ridiculous. But there was always something that baby was in the mood for. Even if that meant I was forced to drink three pina colodas a one needed it soooooo....:D
Actually, today I'm feeling more sea sick than I did the whole trip. My body is still in 'swaying' mode so I feel like I'm rocking at all times. It's pretty trippy.

Anyways. Instead of writing every little detail. Instead I'm just going to show you in pictures. And I'm going to break them up in a couple posts just so I don't get overwhelmed and mixed up.

Today, we're going to stick with on the boat pictures!

First off. The food.
I wasn't feeling super adventurous.  
But Mindy and Garrett tried frog legs, escargot, alligator, and shark!
I stuck with lobster, shrimp, steak, and pastas! Oh and the rolls! Mmm, the rolls!
Nate stuck with the chocolate melting cakes :)

Our little group (G's parents, nate and mindy, and G and I)
got down a good little schedule and pretty much stuck with it the the whole time.
Hang out on the boat or at the port until about 4.
Come back. Nap. Shower/get ready.
Comedy show at 6:30.
Dance or Singing show at 7.
Dinner at 8.
And then Magic show at 10:45.
Seriously though, the magic guy was one of the best I'd ever seen!
They kept things exciting by adding formal nights here and there!
We never got bored!

Other than that, 
we really just hung out by the pool,
played on the slide, 
drank fruity drinks, 
and enjoyed the sun!
The weather was amazing!

I really enjoyed the fact that there was so much down time.
I was able to relax and rest, and not feel guilty like I was missing out.
I loved being able to spend so much time with G.
And I loved that it was all free!!!!
How lucky are we?!


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