Friday, January 27, 2012

cruisin part II

It's freezing here in Utah. And there's some white slipppery stuff outside. And I don't have to work today.
So I'm just going to take myself back to the warm caribbean for a little while.

We stopped at four different ports on our cruise.

First was Grand Cayman. We heard some really cool stuff about Sting Ray Bay where you can go hold sting ray's and feed them and stuff...but the cruise line was charging like $90 per person to go. So we took our chances and tried to find our own way there! Luckily, right when we got off the ship we were able to book with another awesome company for only $25 each!
Our party of 6, and another party of like 12, all loaded on the boat and were off. We drove to this tiny little sand bar in the middle of the ocean....hat was crazy in and of it self. And so so so beautiful! And! There were sting ray's all around us! Huge ones! 3 feet in diameter and 150 pound sting rays. The kind that killed crocodile dundee, I'm sure. They gave us tiny squids and the sting rays would just come up to us and suck it out of our hands and then move on. We were supposed to wait until they caught one and then they'd pass it to us to hold, but Garrett decided to turn into a sting ray whisperer and started catching them on his own. It was a really really cool experience!

Port 2 was Cozumel, Mexico!
This was probably my favorite port of all. We didn't book an excursion, and we really didn't have a plan for what we were going to do when we got off the boat. But we ended up renting a van and driving to the authentic side of cozumel.
We drove through this crazy cool and insanely beautiful cemetery. Instead of burying them in the ground and using a headstone like we do, they go and build these amazing little huts with spots for like 6 caskets, and then as their family dies, they seal them in there. I thought it was so so pretty and I loved that each hut was made specifically for each family.

We also found some Mayan ruins to explore and we saw some huge lizards climbing them.
(Can you spot the huge lizard in the third pic?)

Then, we started driving this beautiful road that goes around all of Cozumel. It led us to this AMAZING little taco shop with the most amazing view. We had some of the best fajitas I've ever had here. And then just a mile or so down the road we stopped at this beautiful beach. Definitely one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever been too. Fine white sand, pure turquoise water, perfect little waves, and it was basically empty! It was pure amazing! We just swam and played in the waves until it was time to get back on the boat.

The third port was Belize. We didn't take many pictures because we weren't together for the whole day. Garrett and his parents went scuba diving and had an amazing time! And since my pregnant self cant go 60 feet under water, I just shopped all day! I really needed the chill day and I was glad that G got to go do something fun and adventurous still!

Last but not least was Roatan, Honduras. This was a total beach day and it was just lovely. We laid out, swam, and snorkeled all day! It was the perfect last day!

Needless to say, we just feel really really lucky that we were able to have a little break from reality! Not only did we have an awesome summer working for Built Wright, but we made some great friends, and were blessed to go on a free cruise with them! It was a perfect last hurrah before this little baby comes!


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