Tuesday, January 24, 2012

the HP generation

I am so very proud and glad to have been a part of the Harry Potter generation.

I remember in 5th grade...
I sat in the back left corner of the classroom,
next to a cute boy named Kevin.
He wasn't the biggest reader, but all of a sudden 
he was sneaking his book out during math and social studies.
And I became intrigued.

A few days later he finished the book,
and let me borrow it.
It was Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone.

I quickly read the first three,
and waited impatiently in line at every midnight book-release for the last 4.

My dad took me to the midnight showing for the first movie,
and he snored through the whole thing.
I recapped the whole story in every detail to him on the way home.

To this day, part of me is still waiting for that magical letter-
 telling me that I've been accepted to
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

A couple years ago Leah saw an owl perched outside her apartment door.
And we were both sure that our letters would be arriving any day!

And then today I saw this video:

And it gave me chills.
And I got a little teary!

I am so grateful to have participated in this era.
An era of magic!!!
And witches and wizards!
And magical wands with unicorn hairs!
And epic battles where ordinary kids can choose sides and fight for what's right.

I loved that I could sit down with my book and be transformed to a magical world where I could see kids like me, who were full of bravery and selflessness and humor, fight for what they believed in!
I loved that these kids became hero's before my eyes, giving up anything and everything for the cause in which they believed in!

I know I'm being all dramatic.
But I really really love Harry Potter!
And I'm so grateful to Ms. J.K.Rowling,
for forever changing my world!
And adding a little magic to life!

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