Wednesday, January 04, 2012

new year

Welcome to 2012.....with a fair share of first and lasts, a new addition to the family, plenty of smiles and laughter, some tears, and a lot of growth.

I'm excited for 2012. But also slightly leery.
Every time I picture 2012, my vision turns into one of those first commercials for a new sitcom. Ya know, like New Girl or something. The commercials where it's a little bit longer than normal, and they don't just show you what's coming up on the next episode, they want to give you a glimpse into the characters and and the situations and the humor and drama's that are ahead. It's always the most memorable moments of the whole season, pretty much packed into a one minute little vision. And normally they make it look so good that at first you're like "oh my gosh that looks hilarious. i will definitely be watching that this season." And you go make a series recording on your TiVo. But then you see the commercial again, and it's still funny, but not quite as funny. And you start to notice little things that you might not like about the show. Like a crude joke or a slutty girl, or some political motive that they're trying to subconsciously push into the mind of the future generation (glee, anyone?).
Okay, okay. I digress. I'm not saying that my 2012 vision/commercial has crude jokes and political motives....I'm saying that it looks really great, and I'm definitely intrigued enough to watch it, but when I look a little closer, it also hints some serious scary moments (Labor, anyone?).

Overall, I'd definitely still watch it. Heck, I don't have much of a choice. Just like the preview, I know '12 will mostly be filled with laugh-out-loud moments, fun with G, and happy days. But I also know there will be a few days of not-so-funny junk going on. I know it will be filled with good and bad. But at this time next year, I'll look back ever so fondly on the beauty that 2012 brought me.

I picture '12 being the year of firsts and lasts.

  • today is my first not first day of school.
  • yesterday I had my first baby appointment.
  • in a couple weeks I'll have the last day of my first trimester. hallelujah!
  • my first interview is in an hour and a half.
  • and then I'll have my first day of work, hopefully.
  • next week will be our last honeymoon before the babe comes.
  • and my first cruise. and my first time in the caribbean.
  • we already had our last christmas break without a little babe.
  • and I'm trying to live up my last good nights of sleep, cause we all know that's not gonna happen anymore.
  • later on, G will begin his last year of school.
  • and then, in August, I'll have my first little baby.
  • and I'll be a first-time mom, and G a first-time dad.
  • and the last days of just G and I will be gone.
  • but they'll be replaced with the first days of a family of 3.

The year looks good. And big. 2012 is bound for greatness, I'm pretty sure!


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  1. Hey Preggers!
    It's a bit scary knowing that all of these "firsts" are on their way. Mark my words.... this will be the best year of your life (so far) and it will only get better and better. You are going to be a wonderful Mommy, and I can't wait to watch your journey :)
    Love you, Kae!!!! xoxo


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