Thursday, January 19, 2012

photog giveaway!!!

Are you engaged? Almost engaged?
Or do you know somebody who falls in one of the prior two categories?

If so, listen close.

My most favorite photographer is hosting an awesome contest/giveaway!
Full-day wedding coverage! That's a $1200 value, folks
.....all for free-izle!

And, seriously, she's amazing!
I was a little too late in booking her for my own wedding, but I just HAD to have her so G and I traveled to Utah just so she could do a bridal/groomal session for us! Serious.
And those amazing photos now cover the walls in our little apartment!

If you want to hear more about how much I love this gal, and see a preview of the work she did, click here!

And to find out more details about how to enter, click the image below........
you will not be sorry!

all the love,

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