Wednesday, February 22, 2012


okay, so i've been working on this dang blog for the last hour and a half.
and if i didn't already have a headache before (which i did), i do now........still.

and now i'm not in the mood to explain the changes.
basically i just switched urls.
lovekaela was a url i picked before g was permanently in my picture of life.
so i switched it up to something that was a little more family friendly.

if you stay linked up to then you're little sidebar will still show you when i post/update.
i don't know about you, but this is my biggest pet peeve with blogger. have you noticed that when a blog is private, you are no longer updated on your sidebar when they do a new post? anyways, this is my loop hole.
you can 'follow' this blog, but stay linked up to the lovekaela blog if you want it to show you when i last posted in your sidebar.

i don't know if this is making any sense.

i have a headache.

also, when i switched i lost all the blogs i was linked up to in my sidebar. i tried to remember most of them, but i'm pretty sure i'm still missing like half. so if i forgot yours please tell me so i can blog stalk you still.

also. so i this post isn't a complete waste of your time.
a lot of people have been asking how pregnancy is treating me. and i can't help but think of the new movie coming out "what to expect when you're expecting" (which i will be seeing the day it comes out, mark my words).

lets just say, i strongly resemble one of these characters.
can you guess which one?.

on that note...


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