Saturday, February 11, 2012

a whole buncha randoms

- yesterday, for the first time in about 2 years, i was reminded of the glory of fridays. see, for the past 2 years, fridays haven't been any big thing. school hasn't been exhausting by any means. and if i ever needed a break, I would just take one. now that i'm bringin' home the bacon, well when that last bell rings, it is like music to my ears!

- all i want to eat these days is mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and chocolate milk. since the beginning of this pregnancy, i've had really healthy cravings. like salad, broccoli, and edamame. it was great. a bite or two of dessert was all i could handle. anyways, i'm pretty sure that's all gone now. i'm still not in love with sugar, but i am all about white bread, carbs, and processed foods. i'm not proud of it, but that's just the way it is.

- these days, i never leave the house without a sleeve of crackers in my purse. those babies come in handy e'ry day!

- to all you full-time teachers out there: serious props to you. i don't know how you do it everyday. but you all deserve gold medals! thank you for your patience, kindness, and perseverance.

- also, to Mr. Niblett who subbed my stats class in 12th grade, i'm really sorry that I was such a brat to you. you should probably know that i think about it everyday while i'm dealing with students exactly like i was. don't worry, i'm getting what i deserve.

- our house has been crazy busy this week. me, working full time and growing a baby. g, taking 50 tests and figuring out our taxes. it's been a mess. literally, the house is a mess. another reason i'm grateful for weekends!!

- but we did manage to get some awesome baby stuff this week! is it weird that for my birthday all i wanted was baby stuff? literally, i couldn't think of anything to get for myself. so instead, g got me the [safest rated & slightly more expensive] car seat that i've been going on about. it was a little over budget, but thats what birthdays are for, right?! i carried it around yesterday just to start prepping my arm muscles.

-then! we were also gifted the cutest rug for the nursery and the perfect stroller for our little peanut [shout out to T]!! is it bad that i want to take the stroller our for fun right now, before the baby even comes? hah! can you imagine if someone walked by me and saw that i was just walking a stroller with no baby in it?

- i'm in a book club. and that makes me feel pretty cool, just so you know. i feel so sophisticated and classy. and intellectual. because i read books and then sit around with a few other girls to talk about it. but really we just talk about the book for like 20 minutes and then we just chat about the stories happening in our own lives. and we eat treats. which is always fun. so really it's nothing super sophisticated, classy, or intellectual. but i still pretend it is.

- today i have a huge 'to do' list. it consists of pandora, sweats, and lots of chores. i want to clean the kitchen, especially the kitchen floor, the living room, the spare 'oom, my room, fold the clean laundry, and do the dirty laundry. I want to dust the whole house, and move the furniture when i vacuum. this might sound crazy, but i am a firm believer of good/bad energy. and i think when i go too long without good cleaning my home, then the energy just gets stale. so i'm gonna open up the blinds, let the sun shine in, and freshen up our home energy. i want to get to all the little things that i haven't gotten to in awhile. and i want to light a fresh candle to make the house smell delish! and then i want to organize my cabinets. and clean out the fridge. and then i want to clean out my car. and get it vacuumed. and then i want to sit down and read this months book club book. think i can do it? i already want a nap.
we shall see...

- better get to it!

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