Saturday, March 03, 2012

date night in the city

Yesterday was beautiful. Beautiful! Beautiful! BEAUtiful!!!

First of all, it was Friday. Boy, do I love fridays.

Second of all, Garrett and I had a really nice, simple, and much-needed date. And! It was all pre-paid thanks to Groupon! With all the stress of working, school, pregnancy, becoming first-time parents, and the unknown of where we're going to be this summer....we really needed a relaxing night out.

Right after school we jumped in the car and drove up to the city.

We started out with hour-long massages at this awesome health-center! Oh my heaven! It was exactly what I needed. And they were only $15 each. Amazing, huh? When we were done I informed Garrett that I am going to start getting weekly massages for the rest of this pregnancy. I gotta keep my eyes open for more groupons!

Then we drove to this awesome sushi house and enjoyed a romantic little dinner. I was tempted to get my normal roll's, but baby can't have raw meat. Luckily, they had some awesome fried and cooked rolls that baby and I really enjoyed! Garrett isn't the biggest sushi fan, but he sure does enjoy dinner out on the town for 10 bucks!

After that we enjoyed a little shopping therapy, but mostly had fun just walking around together. 

And then we headed home and hit the sack early. After a long week, nothing sounded better to me than my bed! 

I'm really enjoying these last semi-normal months with my handsome husband. I want to take advantage of our last few months of spontaneous dates and activities. I want to spend a couple weekends away! And I want to sleep in on the weekends! I love the mornings where we can just stay in bed talking and laughing about our week. I sure love that G Frame. I can't wait to watch him be a daddy, but I've really loved these past few years as just the two of us. These past few weeks have been a little bit stressful, but he's made them bearable. And a relaxing date nights sure help too!!!



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