Monday, March 26, 2012

general conference and harvard law school

i just really believe, with my whole heart, that this man is called of God.

President Thomas S Monson

called of God in the literal meaning...
in that God literally chose him to be His prophet, to act as a servant to Him (and to the world) in an effort to bring mankind closer to Jesus Christ, God, and all truth pertaining to such. he is appointed to be His personal spokesperson, and to be a teacher, revelator, and witness of gospel truths.

i can't listen to his words, or the words of His apostles, without receiving a witness in my heart that they are literally relaying a message of truth from God himself.

this weekend is General Conference. a weekend packed full of doctrine, encouragement, and upliftment.

i am giddy with excitement!

luckily, today i was able to get a little teaser as i listened to Elder Holland address a classroom at harvard law.

my excitement doubled when i found this audio of the question&answer session that followed his address.

(Listen to Elder Jeffrey R. Holland's question and answer session at Harvard Law School)

those lucky ducks! i wish i could have a q&a session with Elder Holland! or any of the general authorities of the LDS church, for that matter. or actually, i'd take a q&a with any authority from any other religion too. i could bring a serious list of questions to the Pope, i could. 

anyways, these links are worth your time. 
i thoroughly enjoyed them! 
and i cannot wait to for the spiritual feast we have coming up this weekend!



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