Monday, April 23, 2012


the headlines in our family paper today would read something like this:


Pregnancy has been one gazillion, trillion, billion times better since I get to feel baby kick my insides all day long. I'm pretty sure we've got a future karate king on our hands. It's non-stop and I love every second! I don't know if the the fatigue and nausea have lessened, or if I'm just getting used to it. But I don't even mind it anymore now that I get these constant reminders that this is all for a good reason! Sometimes baby kicks me so hard that it seriously hurts, but I never ask her (or him) to stop. Sometimes I get punches and kicks all over my stomach for a good 30 or 40 minutes straight. And we just cover my belly with our hands and soak it up. I can pretty much guarantee that baby will start moving a few minutes after I eat, and anytime there's music playing! Maybe we've got a dancer on our hands! Seriously though, this little guy (or gal) loves music! It's either rockin' dance moves, or kicks and punches to tell me to turn it off...we're not sure yet. 
23 weeks (though now I'm 25)


So, since there haven't been any storms that are big enough yet, G and I are still partying it up in P-town. At first I was kinda bummed/stressed that we didn't have anywhere to go yet, but then I snapped out of it and realized that we get like a quick mini summer before the real work begins! A few years ago, before G left for the summer, we played a game where we made sure to do something fun and specially planned out every day (see here, and scroll down). I've officially initiated that same game again, starting yesterday! I just want to make sure that we soak up all this free time that we have in the warm weather, living close to friends. And I've got some really fun ideas for the week. I'll be sure to keep you posted on all of them! 


So, yesterday was Special Things, Day 1 (clever name, I know). All day I felt like I was walking around with a huge bowling ball resting on my hips, and for some reason that made me want to get up and walk around. So g frame and I headed on a nice little stroll in the summer sun. About 2 blocks in, I looked up to our beautiful mountains and decided that what I really wanted to do was go on a hike! A hike to the Y, to be exact! So we called up some of our trusty best friends, and 30 minutes later we hit the trail! We (as in baby and I) needed lots of breaks to rest our joints, but slowly and surely we made it to the Y! I had never hiked the Y, but always wanted to. It's like a right-of-passage here in Provo. It was such a pleasant little stroll (though very steep at times), and the conditions couldn't have been better! It was the perfect temperature, the sun was setting which made everything look amazing, and there was a nice little breeze to keep us feeling refreshed! Hiking is so rewarding, and I loved looking back at my progress throughout the trail. It seemed like every time we turned around, it was a different view of the city! We couldn't think of a better way to celebrate earth day!

6 months preg- made it to the Y!

That's pretty much it for the headlines.
The side stories might look look a little something like this:

Weather Page: High temperatures in the upcoming days. Perfect for more hikes, boating, bbq's, and open windows!
Sports Page: G Frame continues to kill it on the turf, court, and sandlot! Lots of games and lemonade ahead!
Current Events Page: Graduation Ceremony this weekend for yours truly!
Ad's: Looking for strong men to help us carry big furniture down from third story apartment!
Entertainment Page: Pregnant lady leaves car on for 7-hours while at work. Yup. It was an accident. Nope, Garrett wasn't mad. Pregnant brain....what can ya do?
Home & Decoration Page: Baby nursery coming together beautifully! Think: yellow, dark gray, and birds!
Style/Fashion Page: I have two shirts and two pairs of pants that still fit me. Unless you go for the 'I just woke up' look....I'm really not rockin' any style these days.
Finance Page: This Just In: Babies cost all your money.

That's all I got! Hope your mondee is wonderful!


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