Wednesday, April 11, 2012

over here....

over here things are pretty unpleasant.

which is why i've restrained from blogging, so as not to let you all see too much of my negative nancy side.

g frame is sick, and so am i.

let me ask you a question:
who wins? sick husband during finals week? or sick wife while pregnant?

answer: no one.

we sat on the couch all night tonight, and basically had creamie popsicles for dinner.
don't judge.

but, in my best efforts not to dwell on the negative, here are the things that are keeping our spirits high:

1. g feeling baby kick for the first time tonight! and it couldn't have come at a better time. both of us were miserable. and for the past three weeks i've been feeling baby kick all day every day and g's been slightly jealous. every time i felt a punch i'd grab his hand, but it was always too late. maybe veggin' out on the couch was exactly what baby needed; my tummy felt like trampoline land. and finally garrett got to feel our little jelly bean's karate moves first hand (puns intended:)! it instantly put a smile on both of our faces!

2. knowing that our big adventure is quickly approaching! this is also the source of many stressful nights, but most of the time i have no problems embracing the craziness that comes only with this stage of life! when else can we just pack up all of our stuff in the back of our car and drive across the country on a whim!?

3. spending the past weekend with g's family. our stunning little sister married the love of her life on friday, and it was, in a word: lovely. this girl has style like no other, and she didn't disappoint. who gives their wedding the theme of vintage lace and burlap? it was honestly amazing! the best part being the privilege of witnessing the happiest two love birds on the planet! it was their day, and they soaked up every second! i mean seriously, couldn't you just melt:

4. knowing that i'm less than a week away from my 3rd trimester of pregnancy! every day is one day closer to being done, and that in itself is one big reason to jump for joy!!!




  1. i'm sorry you guys have been sick :( I hope you're doing better by now. do you guys know where you will be this summer and how soon you are leaving provo? We really want to come down sometime like next month but don't know when... will you even be there? I want to see you guys and your cute belly :) I'm happy for you that the end is in sight. good luck with everything!

  2. Alisa, I just saw your comment! We are definitely here until May 7th or 8th, but we might be here a little longer too......come see us!!!!!!!


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