Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Making Memories

Summer time is the hardest time for me to blog. It's too beautiful outside, and usually I'm too busy enjoying it to journal or keep this here website updated with the current happenings of my life. My goal is the get better at documenting the memories we are making on these random summer adventures.

As I've mentioned before, this summer took the Frame clan to St Louis, MO. Characteristic of most adventures, there have been high days and low days. But even during the most stressful, hectic, and trying times, it's still fun to know that we're just making memories.
I mean really, we're just a young couple, madly in love, spending our summers traveling the country. What more do we need? We work hard together, and we're a team.

And we're definitely making memories. Looking back on this summer we'll remember the stress of living in a hotel as we spend every waking moment hunting for an apartment. We'll remember crowding 7 people in our 2-bedroom home. We'll remember getting a slow start into work and the stress that came with that. But then we'll also remember that everything picked up, as it always does, and that familiar feeling of peace and confidence that comes when you know you're being taken care of. Maybe next time I'll remember not to doubt so much. We'll remember walks up and down our street as the fire flies came out; and the magic in the air as little bursts of light surround us. I'll remember picnicking at the arch, and G's little brother who stunk up the whole viewing room at the top. And spending an afternoon at the zoo, with baby elephants, hippos, penguins...the whole works. I'll look back on relaxing days at the pool with good friends, and movie nights sprawled out on the floor with blankets and pillows everywhere. We'll look back fondly at late night dinners at waffle house, or trying out the local cuisine elsewhere.

Last Friday we got our whole group together to spend our evening at the City Museum. I wouldn't really call it a museum though...more like an 11 story jungle gym for adults. It was one of the most bizarre places I've ever been too. There was a ferris wheel on top of the building, an 11-story slide, and more tunnels and insane gadgets than I've ever seen. Imagine a mix between dr Seuss and Alice in wonderland...all made into a real life 'museum' where you can climb, crawl, slide, and explore. Needless to say, Garrett was in heaven. 10 minutes into the night, my lack of balance and big belly got the best of me and I took quite a spill. Spending the last 4 days in bed with 2 twisted ankles and a twisted knee have been less than pleasant. And waking up to pee 3 times a night? A few times I considered just wetting the bed.

But again I am reminded that it's all part of the experience. Just another memory to smile at later. Just another memory to tell our kids.
We're writing our life story, and I love that we've got a little excitement here and there, just to keep things interesting.

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