Thursday, June 07, 2012

sneak peak

If you looked in my room right now, you'd my see bags from Atlanta that have yet to be unpacked. It's been less than 24 hours since I got home, so I feel pretty good about that still. You would see piles of goodies that I brought home with me and promptly showed off to G. Piles of baby supplies, to be exact! And you would see our bed, sitting on the ground, at just the wrong height for an 8-months preggo lady to get in and out of 8 times a night to pee.

If you looked in my living room right now, you'd see me sitting here typing this blog, with long to-do lists overpowering my desk. You would see G sitting in a lawn chair, eating his second serving of eggo waffles for b-fast. On the table, you could see the two baby/birth prep books that came in the mail yesterday. As we speak, I can feel them screaming at me to start reading them. But if you were here, you'd see me sitting, seemingly chill, pretending that I'm not going to be pushing a baby out of you-know-where in t-minus 8.75 weeks. And then you'd see me get the shivers and in turn give the books my meanest evil-eye.

If you looked in my kitchen, you wouldn't see much. Husband cleaned up real good for my arrival yesterday, and it looks sparkly clean in there. You'd also see that I badly need to go grocery shopping, as the fridge is looking a little bare. And you would smell a little burnt eggo. Our toaster has a mind of it's own.

If you looked in my bathroom, I probably would have kicked you out 4 times just during this post so I could go potty. So you probably wouldn't have gotten a good look. Which is fine, because I'm not too fond of everyone seeing the details of my bathroom anyways.

If you looked in my basement, you'd see three of our good friends crashing there as they wait for their new apartment to be ready. I came home to quite the party at the frame residence yesterday. 3 bedrooms, and 7 people! Much better than sitting at home by myself all day. You'd see air mattresses and half-unpacked bags against the walls. And a shower curtain covering the sliding glass doors to the back yard, for privacy. "Making Memories" is my motto for this summer :).

If you looked on my phone, you'd see a fresh crack in the glass. I guess that's what happens when your phone slides off the couch onto hardwood and you've got luck like mine. Husband wasn't even surprised. Phone was due for another fatal fall....seems to happen about every 6 months for me.

If you looked on my camera, you'd see pictures from my week long trip to atlanta. You wouldn't see nearly as many pictures as you'd expect, but then you'd remember that T and I are very pregnant, and documenting our size was obviously not our top priority during this visit.



  1. I looked at all these pictures multiple times. SOOOO cute, delicious, and fun!

  2. Kaela! I can't believe you are that close to having your baby! I am over the moon excited for you. And I'm so excited to see you when you come back!


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