Friday, October 12, 2012

2 Months

I can't believe Rae is already 2 months old.

Everyday I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the opportunity that I have to be this little girl's mommy. G and I feel so lucky that we get to be the parent's of her perfect little soul.

Yesterday G and I were talking, and we agreed that we are filled with a kind of love that we have never felt before. And sometimes we feel like our heart is going to explode because it's so full of love for her. It's overwhelming sometimes. She is our favorite thing in this universe.

Anyways, on to her 2 month stats:
-We haven't gone to the doctors yet, so I don't know about her weight and hight percentages. Though, last time we went, she was in the 99th% for hight. She's gonna be tall like her mama, I think.
-She smiles ALL the time!
-She loves when we read to her. She stares at the pictures and smiles when we change our tone as we read.
-Napping....isn't really her thing. I have these awful visions of me having to hold and bounce her to sleep every day for the next year and a half, only to have her scream as soon as I lay her down. I'm panicking already.
-She's GREAT at going to right to sleep at night though. After her 7:30 feeding we put her down, wide awake, and she goes right to sleep. Same story after she wakes up to eat during the night.
-We do a dream-feed at 11p and then she usually sleeps until 6 or 6:30a. But last night she woke up at 3am. Her bink held her over until about 4:15, but then she demanded food. She was wide awake after eating, but I laid her down anyways and she entertained herself for 30 minutes, cooing and kicking, before falling asleep again.
-Although I was (and still am) exhausted, I really don't mind the sleepless nights. Maybe I'm just used to it, but I just love every second that I get to be with that girl. And I love that even when I let her cry for a few minutes before going in to get her, I'll still be greeted with the biggest grin when I finally pick her up.
-We had a doctors appointment earlier this week and the doctors said that she has the neck strength of a 4-month old. Of course I called G to tell him the news right away! We are such proud parents :)
-Her favorite place to sleep is on our chest. And it's SO hard to be responsible and lay her down in her crib instead of cuddling her all day every day. Those nightmares I mentioned earlier help me to stay strong.
-She's a speedy eater. She's been known to down a 4oz bottle in 15 minutes flat.
-She rarely cries. Usually she'll just whine at us for a good 5 minutes before she gets really mad. But when she's mad....she tells us. It's the cutest thing in the world though, so it's hard for G and I not to laugh.

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