Wednesday, October 03, 2012

life is good

First a quick update:
I found awesome gingham and chambray shirts at Target...wait for the boys section!
I know! We were picking out a dress shirt for G-rett when I spotted them. I tried them on.....JEMS! Seriously, you can't even tell! And they're a little bit longer which is perfect for me because I'm kinda tall.
I will say, the buttons are on the other side and it literally takes me 5 minutes just to put the shirt on or take it off. How the heck do you boys do that?! It's totally awkward. Every time I wear it I just feel bad that boys have to deal with that for their whole lives. Yeah, us girls have hormones and periods, but you guys have buttons on the wrong side of your shirts. That sucks!
Also, I bought 3 shirts for the price of one of those little lovelies in the previous post.
Bomb. Diggity.

In other news:

--- BYU v Utah State this Friday......Don't tell G, but Rae already told me she's rooting for USU.

--- On monday Raegan got to go to Thanksgiving Point and Gardner Village with two of her adorable cousins! We all had so much fun! It made me really look forward to when she is big enough to play with them and join all the fun!

Sorry this is quick. Mommyhood is busy.


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