Sunday, October 07, 2012

my hero

Tonight husband and I had a lovely dinner together. G finished early and came into the living room while I finished the last few bites on my plate.

I'm not really quite sure how it happened, but long-story-short, I started choking and G had to run in and give me the heimlich maneuver (which I called the heimlich remover for the first, oh probably 17 years of my life). I guess it was kind of a serious situation, but somehow we both managed to stay calm through the whole thing. Afterwards I kind of couldn't help but laugh, mostly out of embarrassment. Here I am, a grown woman, and I completely choked on my dinner.

G rubbed my back and made sure I was okay, and then said, "Wow! I think I just saved your life! I'm your hero!"

And then we proceeded to act out a scene where I, the damsel in distress, and kept saying "MY HERO!!!" over and over and then passionately rewarding him with a big fat kiss!

Aside from the 60 seconds I couldn't breathe, it's been a good day. I love that guy.

p.s. he also proceeded to exclaim over and over how it's such a good thing he's a boy scout, followed by multiple demonstrations on how to give myself the heimlich with a chair in case I'm home alone. Apparently I can no longer be trusted to chew my food enough.

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