Saturday, November 10, 2012

it's the little things.

Yesterday we woke up to the pitter-patter of rain on our windows. G had a professional luncheon at school that he had to dress up for, so Rae and I bundled up and gave him a ride to school to spare his church slacks from getting ruined. It was a lot of work to get Rae ready to go out, even just for a minute or two, so I wasn't thrilled to be doing it. But as we drove there, seeing the shiny wet pavement, the vibrant colors of the trees, and the students splashing through puddles and angling their umbrellas to match the slope of the rainfall, I was really glad we got to go out and experience the wetness.

I've always been a fan of the rain. There's just something about it that's totally refreshing and beautiful. All day Rae and I kept finding ourselves looking out the window as the rain slowly turned into snow and the mountains transformed into white post-card worthy sceneries. It didn't take long before the big white Y on the mountain was completely camouflaged and undetectable.

At one point, I bundled Rae all up again and we ventured out into our yard to show baby girl her first snow. She was adorable; all wide eyed and mesmerized by the big, cotton-ball-like, snowflakes that danced in front of her. I angled her on her back, and her face cringed when the snow hit her cheeks. She looked to me for reassurance and then smiled when I smiled. It was the highlight of my week.

It snowed all day and long into the night. We had a cozy night in with some of our best friends, eating halloween candy, drinking hot chocolate, and watching a movie while snuggled in fuzzy blankets. After our friends left and baby girl was fast asleep in her room, I bundled myself up and went on a little midnight stroll through the winter wonderland. It was good to be alone and just think and feel and be. Sometimes I need little moments like that, just to have a second alone to recognize myself again.

Sometimes I define my day by how well Rae napped that day or how good dinner turned out. I've found myself focusing my thoughts on bottles and diapers and laundry. But that's not all I do. And walking through the snow, I was reminded of all the smiles that I got that day. And the moments where Garrett got baby girl to giggle and squeal. And instead of focusing on the length of each nap, I was reminded of those moments right before putting her down, when her eyes got heavy and she cuddled her body around mine as I held her in my arms. Or how she tried to sing along as I sang 'you are my sunshine' when she woke up.

I came home feeling refreshed and energized. And so grateful for little moments that remind me just how good I have it.

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