Thursday, November 29, 2012

on the FIRST date of Christmas... true love came to me!

And asked me out on the most lovely date. 

He got home after a long day of school and work,
took a few minutes to relax and cuddle with his girls,
and then took us out to buy our Christmas tree!

We bundled Rae all up and headed to our favorite tree lot.

Normally G is pretty frugal when it comes to this kind of stuff everything.

But he was prepared to buy the cutest Christmas tree we could find, even if it exceeded our budget!
After all, it is Rae's first Christmas!
And this was the first of our 12 dates of Chrsitmas.

It had to be good.

When we got there, I was headed towards the po-dunk charlie brown tree section, where we always go.
He lingered with me for a second.
But next thing I knew, he was showing Rae all the beautiful, full, normal sized tree's.

Last year I was barely allowed to even glance over at that section.

I walked over to join in the fun and G said, "How 'bout this one?!"
And that was it.

After snapping a quick picture with it,
we loaded it in the back of G's truck and hurried home!

It's really nothing special...

No, actually it is.
It's pretty special.

I don't know why,
but I love our tree so dang much!

It's not the biggest tree.
And there's still a few bare-spots on it.
And it kinda leans to the right.

But to me, it's the most beautiful tree ever!

It smells ah.may.zing!
And it fits perfectly in the corner of our little living room.

And it was just so fun to be at that little tree lot,
showing Rae how magical this season is.
She was wide-eyed and curious the whole time.

On the way home, we stopped to pick up take-out zuppas.
G ran in while I stayed with Rae.

We came home,
put on Christmas music, 
set the imac on the fireplace app,
set up the tree,
and ate our dinner together.

He even surprised me with a creme-brule dessert.
Which, don't ask me why, but it made me so happy that I kinda teared up a little bit.
At which G laughed hysterically, and hugged me tight.

It was just a really happy night.

Just my little family.
Making holiday traditions.

It was the definition of happy.

We're planning to decorate it tonight or tomorrow,
as the second date of Christmas.

I'll keep ya posted.





  1. Kaela, your hair is so long and so beautiful!!! Also awesome Christmas tree!! :)

  2. Your tree IS perfect and special! I love it!!


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