Friday, December 21, 2012

"I'm so tired, I think I'm gonna pass out"

Garrett's company is more busy than ever before, so he has been working extra to help with the heavy work load.
We were expecting this to be a fun, relaxing week since he's on school break....but nope!
So I've been extra busy, doing everything for Rae, while trying to pack and get ready for our Christmas traveling, and also making sure to get everyone's Christmas presents ready.

So anyways, last night Rae started fussing at about 2am. The trick with her is that is if I can get her her binky before she wakes up too much, then she'll go right back to sleep until morning. So I heard her fuss, and I jumped out of bed to get to her room quickly.

The last thing I remember was reaching for the hall light....and then I heard a loud bang and realized I had passed out and fallen back against our bedroom door, and onto the floor.

Garrett jumped out of bed to help me crawl back to bed, and then he took care of Rae, who was now wide away due to the ruckus.

I'm sure I just stood up too fast, and that's why I passed out. But still, it was pretty dang funny. Needless to say, we're pretty tired around these parts.

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