Monday, December 17, 2012

on the SECOND date of Christmas!

We decorated our tree!!!!
a little out of order, I know.
this actually happened 2 weeks ago.

G was super swamped with studying after we picked out our tree, so it stood ornament-less in the corner of our living room waiting patiently for a few days. Finally when Saturday came around, we woke up excited and ready to get to it!

We ate cinnamon rolls, played Christmas music, danced around, and adorned our perfect little tree with lights and ornaments. G was in charge of the lights, I was in charge of the ornaments! Rae was in charge of sitting in her bumbo looking cute. We all succeeded!

It was a casual date. We stayed in our pj's and took lots of breaks from decorating. But it was a perfect morning!

Rae was so excited about the tree that she even rolled over for the very first time!

Overall, it was one of those times, that when you tell people about it, it doesn't sound very exciting at all....but it was actually like, the best ever. I don't even know why.

I just love my little family.

I mean, look at that little girls face right there. Just look at it. I mean, come on!

and just for fun!






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