Thursday, December 20, 2012

the SIXTH date of Christmas

We went on a little overnight getaway to.......Rexburg!!!

Our sis, Laren, graduated from BYUI last weekend and me, G, and Rae basically packed our whole house into our car to go support her! I still can't believe how much stuff a baby needs, but once we were all loaded up, we made the 4-hour drive to beautiful Rexburg.

On the way there we got news of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting. G and I sat hand and hand as we listened to the news. More than once we looked back to our beautiful baby girl and told her we loved her. More than once, we squeezed each others hand as more bad news came in. More than a few tears were shed. And more than a few prayers were sent out for those affected.

When we got to Rexburg, we hugged our family tight. We were glad to spend the weekend away from school and work. We just wanted to be with our family.

It was good to celebrate Laren and her wonderful accomplishment! We made the most of it, and we had a good time. But we remembered those victims and their families in all of our prayers.

Rae was a gem for the ceremonies. Okay, not a complete gem...but she did as good as a 4-month old could after being in the car for a million hours that same day. And when she got tired, I had no problems holding her tight in my arms, because I knew there were some parents who wouldn't get to hold their babies in their arms anymore. So I held her tight. And she cuddled into me and slept. And that's how we spent most of the night. And I was happy with that!

The getaway was good! We said a few extra prayers, we gave each other a few extra hugs, and I kissed my hubby and my baby every chance I got.

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