Thursday, January 03, 2013

Operation: Warm Christmas

At the last minute, G and I decided to mix things up a little bit and spend our Christmas in sunny Arizona! We packed enough stuff to last us a year (at least that's what it felt like), and we squished 10 people into two little cars. And then we drove. And drove. And drove.

We took shifts sitting next to Rae, entertaining her, playing with her....doing anything to keep her happy. She was a pretty good sport, but 12 hours in a carseat didn't do any favors for her digestive system and she cried for a day straight from constipation. Poor girl. So instead of doing that to her all over again 4 days later, she and I got to fly home! It was an adventure, but she was a champ! She loved the flight and all the strangers sitting by her that she could flirt with. I couldn't believe how much she loved them. She'd stare at them while babbling and squealing until they looked at her, and then she's just break out into a fit of smiles and giggles once she had their attention. It was hilarious!

So, other than the drive there, Operation Warm Christmas was a total success!! All the extended family on the Frame side was there, and we were only missing a few from the Ray side. I was finally able to meet a few of the aunts, uncles, and cousins who I hadn't met yet. I instantly loved them all!

I was a little nervous because this was my first Christmas ever not being with my family. But all weekend I just kept thinking about how blessed I was to have in-laws that I love so so so so so much! I missed my family, but I was having so much fun with G's family that it was hard to think about missing my own family for too long. We were always busy catching up, playing with Rae, picking oranges/grapefruit from the backyard, playing monopoly deal and other fun games, eating amazing food, checking out all the cacti, enjoying spontaneous piano concerts from the cousins, or just laughing and enjoying each others company. It didn't feel any different than if I were spending the holiday with my own family. 

Mesa Botanical Gardens:

Christmas Morning!
Rae slept through the whole thing.
Les Mis!
Again, she slept through the whole thing!
Best Christmas present ever!

Orange tree in Grandma's backyard!
the coolest swing ever!

Flying home:

I must say, before the trip, I was pretty nervous about traveling with Rae. But I'm so sooo glad we went! We had a great time! I'm blessed with such wonderful in-laws that I love so much. They make it so much easier to be away from my family. And I'm totally hooked on Arizona! Spending our holiday break in the sun, with no jacket, picking oranges for breakfast, walking through beautiful gardens, and playing was such a treat! 




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