Sunday, January 27, 2013

the other day:

the other day i brought home a new vacuum. the one we've had for the past two.5 years of our marriage is literally like 60 years old. and it's so loud. like, every time, i prepare myself for how loud it is, and every time it still catches me off guard. poor rae is terrified of the thing.

so! i thought i'd invest in a new one. nothing great or amazing, just something that will do the job and not break the bank.

they were having a pretty good sale at costco on a hoover, and it had good reviews so i picked it up. i was explaining it to g, telling him all the great features, and i mentioned that it's actually specifically made for homes with pets.

i said something like, "apparently it's really good at picking up after dogs..."
and he quickly said, "....that's great! i bet that means its also good at picking up after wives that just had a baby and are now shedding every piece of hair they've ever had!!"

for a second i was offended. but then i realized that it's totally true. i think i have half as much hair as i had 6 months ago. i literally lose hundreds a day. thank you rae.

g has been really patient with it. and for that i'm grateful! and for our new vacuum that is specifically made for me...or dogs!

so.....that's fun.

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