Monday, February 11, 2013


When I was typing up the title of this post, I accidentally typed 14 instead of 24. And as I changed the 1, to a 2, I thought to myself that I feel closer to age 14 than I do 24. I mean seriously, when the heck did I get this old?! I'm a mom for crying out loud! And I grocery shop, and pay bills, and worry about things like life insurance and 401k's. I celebrate anniversaries, and I do the budget, and I asked for a vacuum for my birthday. And when I got it, I was so beyond excited! I have a weekly laundry day (wednesday), and I deep clean the house every Thursday. Just the fact that I just threw out 'the house' all casually-like, in reference to our dinky little apartment, is proof that I'm not 14 anymore. I have a real life church-calling (working with the 14-year old's, ironically), and I'm always on the look out for a good babysitter. A babysitter! Sometimes I still feel like I should be the one babysitting. When my biggest concern was how stocked they were on treats, or if they had cable. When I blew all my money on movies with friends, clothes bought on impulse, and the first season of One Tree Hill on dvd.

But alas, I am 24. Not 14. And that's okay. Because, while 14 was a total blast, 24 is pretty rockin' too! I think back to when I was 14, when I would imagine my life at 24, and I feel like I'm there. Like, 24 is pretty dang close to how I imagined it would be. I'm graduated. I'm married to the coolest dude ever. And I get to put pretty bows and polka-dot dresses on my little baby girl. It's kinda rad.

And so when 24 presented itself, I smiled and said, "Lets do this!" And I kissed my baby girl, and I told G Frame that I loved him, and I did the dishes. Because when it's your 24th birthday, you still have to do the dishes.

And it definitely didn't hurt that 24 started off with such a party! G and I celebrated the Saturday before my birthday. He was in the Dominican Republic for my actual birthday, which was totally okay because Rae and I flew over to Atlanta and had our own party there with Rae's Aunt Tiffini, Uncle John and cousins Colston and Piper!

Picture overload starting....................................................................NOW!

-Saturday Birthday Date with G-
 Happy Sumo. Family cuddles. Spending time together. The Riverwoods. Late night games with best friends. Yummy food. Kneaders Desserts.

-Actual Birthday In Atlanta-
 A mani-pedi, which included the pedicure of all pedicures. A special lunch-out that included lobster sliders! The best cake in the world (Red Velvet, from A Piece of Cake). Steak/Spinach Salad....requested by the birthday girl. A flower delivery from my boyfriend (aka: G). Facetiming with my boyfriend (aka: G). My dad flying in, just in time to enjoy candles and cake with us. 70 degree weather. Taking the kids to the swing-set. Spending time with my sis! Chatting it up with all my siblings! A long message on my answering machine from 4-year old Tayler about how she always loves me, but since it's my birthday she loves me extra a lot! Birthday presents! A Birthday hug and kiss from Colst. 

  ^she was so unamused by the swing^

I guess my point is, that I'm feeling pretty good about 24. I feel like it's going to be a pretty good year. It's got a lot of potential. And I'm pretty dang excited about it!


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