Thursday, March 14, 2013

date night

With G Frame being so ridiculously busy all the time, and a little baby girl who likes to interfere with most of our free time, we've decided that it's so so important, now more than ever, that we have official weekly date nights. We've always been good about having quality time set aside each week, but with the way things are going this semester, we realized that the only way for it to really count is to step things up a notch. Meaning, renting a movie and having rootbeer floats is okay, but getting out of the house, even if it's just a walk to the creamery to get floats there, is more conducive to achieving the whole purpose of the date night in the first place.

The problem we've been running into is that 1. There's a pretty tight budget around these parts, and going out to eat every week sure adds up. and 2. We aren't the biggest fans of eating out anyways. Usually we're disappointed with the food and find that we could probably make the same meal, but better, at home (for half the price).

So, last week I decided to get a little creative. I went a little old school and properly asked G out on a date a few days in advance. When he agreed to pencil me into his busy schedule, I got to work! I told him that we were going out to eat this week, to a fancy restaurant! He asked a couple times about the date budget but I always avoided the question by saying things like, "don't worry about it" or "try not to think about it, we deserve a fun night out!" Which didn't really work, but that's okay.

When Saturday night came around we got dressed in fancier clothes, packed Rae up and got ready to go. Just after we walked out the door, I pretended to forget my chapstick and ran back into to do a quick set up! I put the appetizer in the oven, set the table, and put out menu's. G was clueless to it all. Then we jumped in the car and I took us for a little drive down memory lane where we drove past some of our old apartments and reminisced. I kept saying things like, "Word on the street is that this restaurant has the most amazing chef! You're going to love it!"

After making a few random turns we ended up back on our street. When we pulled into our lot I said something like, "Oh good! It doesn't look to crowded, hopefully we'll be able to get a good spot." He started laughing and I said, "Actually, why don't you drop me off at the door so I can go put our names on the list while you park....hopefully there's not a long wait for a table." He caught on pretty quick and began to play along! We really had the best time!

We sat down at 'our table' and decided to go all out, and not worry about what we spent ;)! So we ordered fancy drinks (all of which were previously prepared and ready), got a delicious appetizer (that was ready by the time we sat down), and whichever entree's we wanted!

I had to do a little manipulating with the menu to make sure he ordered what I wanted him to order. That day when he was at school, I made both the Chicken Cordon Bleu and the Pineapple-Ginger Flank Steak. I figured that whichever he ordered, I would just order the other. Then I put things like "Spaghetti and Tomato Sauce" and "Leftovers" as the other options so he wouldn't be tempted to order something else.

The night was a smashing success! We ordered italian soda's, spinach-artechoke dip with pita bread, he got the flank steak, and I got the chicken (but we shared), and then we had pizookies for dessert! We talked and laughed and he kept saying things like, "Man, you were right, this chef is amazing! This is my new favorite restuarant!"

It. Was. The. Best.
I sure love that G Frame.



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