Tuesday, March 26, 2013

garrett might be embarrassed by this one

It was just a typical day, a typical moment, nothing special or out of the ordinary.

Garrett had his school work sprawled across the couch and that all-too-familiar look across his face. It's his serious face, the one that will someday be responsible for a few of the wrinkles across his forehead. The face that tells me that it's homework time, not chatting time. So I was letting him do his thang.

Rae was rolling from room to room; under the kitchen table, then over to the couch, all while holding onto Sophie the Giraffe who let out a loud squeak with every rotation. Sometimes Sophie is our babysitter; she's like a constant alert of where Rae is and where she's heading. If her squeak gets too quiet, we know Rae's venturing further and further away. And if she stops squeaking....well, then we know we better figure out what object (most-likely dangerous) has replaced her.

I was working on lunch, or trying to with our limited options, and simultaneously writing up my mental grocery list for the upcoming week. I was keeping an eye on my two loves, but I was also busy thinking of this and that.

At one point, Rae rolled to me, and I scooped her up and showered her with kisses! She squealed and then pushed away, ready to be done with the kisses and get back to the rolling with her buddy Sophie. Then I walked over to that cute husband of mine, ignored his "do not disturb" face and showered him with kisses. Unlike Raegan, he didn't push me away. Instead, without even looking away, he moved his computer and the papers around him and pulled me on his lap.

We chatted for a second and then I left him with another kiss and got up to finish lunch. As I was finishing lunch, I thought about how that cute boy in the next room over, whom I so love to kiss, used to be just my friend.

We met in a seminary class in high school. I was a junior, he was a senior. He sat against one wall, and I sat against the other. Sometimes we would make eye contact and he would wink at me. I'd think to myself, "What a player!" but then I'd secretly smile. But seriously, who winks at girls they don't even know?! Players, right?! He asked me on a few dates, and I always had the best time. It was so easy to be his friend. So easy, that we soon became best friends. Which was even easier.


I remembered a few days before he left on his mission, we were all hanging out at his house, and slowly everyone left. So then it was just me and him, kinda cuddling on the couch, but only in a best friend kind of way. It might have been a little romantic, but if it was, we wouldn't have known. We were just innocent best friends who were going to miss each other for the next two years. We talked about how this might be our last night hanging out. Like, ever. He said something about how maybe I'd be married when he got home, and even if I wasn't, I'd be at Utah State and he'd be at BYU. It would never be the same. But we promised that we'd always be best friends, even if we couldn't act on it.

1/17/2007           &           2/27/2007
At one moment, the chatting turned to silence, and it was kinda like one of those scenes from a movie. Ya know, the ones where you know they're going to kiss. And in your head you're like, "come on! kiss! kiss! kiss!" And in my head, I was like "come on! kiss me garrett!" Which was weird because we were just best friends, but I guess that's why I wanted to kiss him. Because he was my best friend. And I loved that kid. And I was going to miss him. And maybe this was the end, or the beginning of the end. And I thought, "Wouldn't it be nice to have a kiss to remember it all?"

It was such an obvious moment, like in the movies, that I knew he felt it too. But, he didn't kiss me. Which was fine. And the moment passed and we started chatting about something else.

Anyways. Here I was, 6 years later, making lunch for that same best friend. And I smiled as I listened to our little baby girl squeak around the house. Because turns out that wasn't the end, or even the beginning of the end. Turns out, there is no end when it comes to that best friend and I. We will always be best friends. Like, forever.

I still kinda wish he had kissed me that night. But then, I don't really care, because now I get to kiss him whenever I want. And just for that, I walked back over to him, sat on his lap, and kissed him again. Just because I can. And I will, whenever I please.


  1. LOVE this post! Like LOVVEEDD it! I still remember you telling me about the night you guys said goodbye in Economics. And now you guys have that cutie little baby!

  2. Cutest love story ever. I love you tw


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