Wednesday, March 06, 2013

kindred spirits

A few weekends ago, G and I met up with some of our very best friends, Mary Jane and Parker! 
They only live a short drive from our house, but with jobs and babies and callings and life getting in the way, we really don't see each other as much as we ought to. Which is really just a shame, because we have so much dang fun together. Even if it's been months since seeing each other, that's all forgotten the minute we get together. It's like we never even missed a beat. 

grainy pic, but i still love it
We just had a quick sunday night get-together with games, treats, and lots of chatting. Nothing extravagant or too exciting, but it was perfect! 

We had so much fun together that we decided we needed to get together the next day too! It turned out to be a little birthday celebration for yours truly, and Natalie even showed up as a total surprise! We ate yummy food, played with Rae, did a fair share of boy-talk, and even watched Twilight for old times sake. It brought me right back to our college days at Utah State. I count these two best friends as one of my top blessings. We are kindred spirits, indeed. We had too much fun to remember to take any pictures of us, but I did snap a pic of our yummy food with Rae playing in the background, if that counts for anything!


And these are old, but I couldn't help myself!


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  1. I'm so bad! I just am barely catching up on my blog stalking but this post seriously made me cry! I love us so much!!! We're so stinking cool!!! Thanks for the post Kae! I lub you!


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