Saturday, March 23, 2013


A few weeks ago during G's football game, I was sitting with the wives club like usual, and the topic turned to motherhood (as it always does). One of the wives asked me what a typical day looks like as a stay at home mom to Rae. This is the basic rundown I gave her:

8:30: Wake up, feed Rae fruit, rice cereal, and a bottle. 
9-10: Get dressed, sing, read, dance, Rae helps me make the beds, we roll around on the floor, and Rae practices her jumping on my lap. 
10-12: Nap time for Rae. Blog/exercise/chores/bills/relax time for me.
12:30: Lunch: Fruit, Veggies, and a bottle.
1-2:30: Play/Learn! Go on a walk, play at the park, run any errands during this window, sing, practice our crawling.
2:30-4:30: Nap time for Rae. Shower/read/laundry/catch up with family/nap time for me.
4:30: Dinner: Veggies, Rice cereal, Bottle.
5-7:30: Rae plays and learns. I usually make our dinner and do a quick clean up before G gets home. 
6:45: Bath time!
7:30: Bottle. And then quiet play/unwind time. Read stories, cuddle, play with stuffed animals, go on a walk if its nice.
8:30: BED TIME for Rae! G and I hang out, or he does homework while I read, watch TV, or pinterest.

It varies slightly from day to day, but that's pretty much the gist of it.

Anyways, after I gave her a quick rundown of our day, she said something like, "Wow. Sometimes I see babies and they're so cute and I really want one, but then sometimes I think it would get really boring and mundane having my whole day revolve around bottles, diapers, and reading nursery rhymes."

And I think that's a valid thought, she's definitely entitled to that view. But it totally took me by surprise, because 'mundane' and 'boring' are literally the last words I would use to describe my day to day life. But I can totally see where she's coming from. Looking at the above schedule, it doesn't seem very exciting. And I guess what I failed to tell her were all the little moments that make each day exciting and adventurous. And had I been able to articulate my daily excitement and adventure, I still don't think she really would have gotten it. Because while seeing Rae clap for the first time is like the greatest thing ever to me, it probably isn't a big deal to anyone else. And I get that.

And then I couldn't help but think about how different my life is now that I'm a mom. All the time, G and I say, "What did we even do before we had Rae?" Okay okay, we slept! And we went out whenever we wanted.....
But actually, we do those things now too! Rae slept through the night every night this week. And we still go out! In fact, we hung out with friends a lot this week. We had fried nutella banana's with friends on Sunday. FHE with other friends on Monday. People over for rootbeer floats on Thursday. And we had two social events last night. I'd say we probably hang out more with friends now than we did before we were parents. Maybe they're just using us for our cute baby??

And this is kind of ironic, but I can't really remember what was exciting before Rae came along. Looking back, I feel like that's when things were boring. But I know it wasn't...
I guess it's just a different kind of excitement.

These days, my excitement comes from seeing my little baby clap for the first time. Or get up on all fours, so ready to crawl. Or when Garrett comes home from work early and we all get to go on a walk together. Adventure is trying to make it to Smith's, Target, and Costco all while keeping Rae awake and happy (and what a sweet sweet victory it is when I succeed)! We laugh all day long. And I think I get just as much joy, if not more, out of Rae's nursery rhyme books than she does. The adventure of changing a soon-to-be blow out diaper in the bathroom of a restaurant, with no changing table, on a baby that is terrified of the sound of a flushing toilet, and people that think it's okay to come touch my baby's face and hold her hands after they just went to the bathroom!! I mean, does it get any more adventurous than that?! And what about her excitement? I don't know if there's anything more contagious than the excitement of a little girl swimming for the very first time! Or feeling grass, or seeing her very first butterfly! Or being thrown up to the clouds, and then landing safely in her daddy's arms. I mean, the other day I gave her a bite of my fro-yo! She was prreeeeeety dang excited.

first time in her big girl high chair // too many errands with a tired baby // her cheeks are pure entertainment

I know I'm rambling. Maybe I'm just proving my lameness in this post. But I guess my point is that to me, it doesn't feel lame. At all. It feels like the least-lame thing I could be doing right now. And I wouldn't change a thing.

That's all.


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