Tuesday, March 05, 2013

the light at the end of the tunnel

This is Garrett's last semester of his undergrad here at BYU. I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but he is studying Civil Engineering. For the past year we've been considering our options for after graduation. He's got a few engineering firms who have shown interest in hiring him this summer, and there are few words that sound more beautiful to me right now than "salary" and "benefits" and "career." But, for the past year, we've had this nagging feeling that maybe we need to go to grad school.
We've done our research. We've talked to countless engineers about what they did, their regrets, their recommendations. And I think ultimately, our biggest fear is going out into the real world where we'll have a salary, and benefits, and a career....and then having to come back to get a masters. By that time we'll have a few more kids (hopefully), and it'll be harder to leave our comfortable lifestyle to come back to this budgeting, small apartment, bad-drivers-everywhere, world of school again. The first few times I realized that Garrett was leaning towards staying to get his masters, I cried. I was just so set on leaving this phase and heading out into the real world!
This has been a decision that we've needed to make together. He understands that going to grad school is as much as a sacrifice for me as it is for him. Long days for him, equate to long days for me. And, I guess it won't be final until he starts his program this summer, but for now it looks like Provo will be home for a little longer than we originally expected. Leaving and then coming back sounds way worse to me than staying an extra 3 semesters while we're already used to this lifestyle. So anyways, that's our plan.
On top of all this decision making, taking the GRE, and applications, this last semester of Garrett's has been a doozy. With school and tests and work, he's probably out of the house for 12 hours a day. And then he comes home, helps me put Rae to sleep, and then does anywhere from 5 to 7 hours of homework. I don't think he's complained once. He just does it, and he always always comes home happy! Add that to the list of why I'm just madly in love with that kid.

So, with all of this on our plate, we've felt like our portion of fun and relaxing has been greatly minimized. Which is why we decided that we need a little vacation! Sooooo, as soon as Garrett finishes his finals next month, we're jumping on a plane and heading to..................................................................................................................... HAWAII, baby!!!
I'm seriously so so so beyond excited! We'll be meeting up with my brother Kyle, his wife, and my two cute nieces! Ten days at the beach, snorkeling, scuba diving, playing in the sun, hiking to waterfalls, with no homework, tests, studying, or work......it's my definition of paradise! And whenever I get sad that I haven't seen my husband for more than a few hours all week, I just think about where we'll be in approximately 45 days, 23 hours, and 3 minutes! And that makes it all okay!! It's our light at the end of the tunnel.

the view from where we'll be staying. taken on a iphone. no filter.



  1. oh my goodness Kaela, you are going to love Hawaii. If you have never been or don't have someone in your group that lives there we went last year and did a ton of research and be happy to pass it along! I am so excited for you!!!!

    1. Tiffany! My brothers family has been living there since the beginning of the year, so we have some bearings, but I'd LOVE any advice you have!! Did you go to Kona too?


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