Monday, March 04, 2013


WANT: kate spade watch. obsessed. i keep looking at my wrist as i'm typing hoping that it'll just magically appear. this one has also caught my eye!

WEAR: i recently acquired a pair of skull earrings similar to these. i haven't stopped wearing them since. when i wear them i'm all, "that's right people, i'm a mom. and these earrings rock. which obviously means that i rock too." in my head of course.

NEED: a little more sunshine and warmth in my life. i'm craving daily walks, picnics in the parks, and driving with open windows. life is just happier when the sun is shining!

FEED: tonight i am feeding my family this taco chicken. i've made it once before and husband kept saying, "babe.....this! is! delicious!!!!" over and over. it was a pretty good reaction.

i saw this fun idea on another blog and i decided copy! you should join me!


  1. I love everything about this post! also I'm digging the new header! Super cute!

    1. you're so nice shannon! thanks thanks! its fun, you should join me!


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