Monday, March 11, 2013

what happened this weekend

-three of us slept straight through the night every night.

-one of us is recently mobile and needed to be watched every second.
-that same one of us is obsessed with power cords, paper, and the kitchen trash.

-one of us went to sweet tooth fairy and got a delicious red velvet cupcake and ate it all by herself!

-two of us worked up a new recipe in the kitchen while one of us was at church meetings.
-two of us ate it and looooved it!

-two of us enjoyed root beer floats with friends.

-one of us pooped in the bath tub.

-one of us ignored all of his school responsibilities to just be with the fam.
-which made the other two of us very happy!

-two of us went on a magical date, while one of us stayed with a babysitter, which two of us cried about.
-but all three of us ended up having the best time.

-three of us went on a walk in the beautiful spring weather.
-two of us stopped for j-dawgs on said walk.
-one of us later found a lot of j-dawg special sauce in his or her hair.

-one of us rocked his flag football game, while two of us cheered him on.

-one of us ate a lot of ice cream.
-one of us ate a lot of pureed carrots.
-one of us drank a lot of dr pepper.

-two of us played games with friends on saturday night.
-one of us slept through the whole thing.

-one of us got some beautiful tulips that now sit in the middle of the kitchen table.

-two of us took naps on saturday.

-one of us fed themselves their bottle at every meal, which allowed another one of us to get so much stuff done.

-one of us got cuter, and sweeter, and funnier every day.

-three of us can't wait for next weekend!

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