Monday, March 18, 2013

wwnf 3

WANT- to get my family on a little bit of a healthier menu. we eat fairly healthy as it is, but with being so busy and burning the candle on both ends, i think fueling our body with healthier, fresher, greener food would really have a big impact. anyone have any good starting places or tips to share?!

WEAR- my 2 favorite necklaces, i am rarely seen without them. g and i got the pearl from an oyster on our honeymoon, and then he made it into a necklace for our first anniversary. the other necklace has raegan engraved on it with her birth stone; he got it for me right after she was born, for our 2nd anniversary.

NEED- i hesitate to put this on here because i love being a mom every second of the day. i am so very happy, and this isn't meant to be complainey at all. but today i'm feelin' a little itch to get some 'me time' in. nothing huge, just a quick pedicure, a trip to the gym, or even just going to the provo museum by myself. just a quick second of 'me time' out of the house would be fun!

FEED- last night we had deep fried nutella bananas with our friends! we threw a little vanilla ice cream in there and ate it while it was still warm. IT. WAS. TO. DIE. FOR! yes, i know this contradicts the above 'want'....but at least it had bananas in it!! 

Hey! I'd love it if you joined me in this little W/W/N/F game! Leave a link in the comments if you decide to play along!

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  1. Kaela I love all these WWNFs... fun! I might have to play! I'll let you know if I do! :)


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