Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Arizona, here we come!

Well, it looks like the Frame's are moving to Arizona!!

What a crazy week we have had. Last month, an engineering firm in Phoenix flew Garrett down for an interview. At the time, we really weren't interested in the position. "Even if we get it...." we told ourselves, "we'll turn it down." But we really liked the company, and we wanted to keep the door open for a potential position in a year and a half, after grad school. The interview went well, and we got more hopeful for a position within their firm, but still only after getting Garrett's masters.

Last Sunday night we were hanging out with our friends who have also had some experience with the firm, and they asked if we had heard back after the interview. We hadn't, and we assumed we didn't get the position. Which was fine with us, because we wouldn't have taken it anyways. The next morning, the firm called us and offered the job. We got all the details and chatted about it for less than 5 minutes before G had to run off to work.

I think at the beginning, it was just easier to stick with our original plan. So we kinda tried to think of excuses not to take it. Our main excuse was that we both felt it was very important for Garrett to get his masters degree. We hadn't heard back from BYU on whether he was accepted into the CE program yet, but we felt confident he would get in. The firm sent us their official offer in writing, and in it they offered to pay for Garrett to get his masters degree there, at ASU.

When we were first offered the job, it seemed like such a tough decision! But as they days went on, and we learned more about our options, the right decision for our family became more and more obvious. By Friday we morning we woke up and said to each other, "We would be really stupid not to take this job!"

So we had no choice but to take it!

I felt like such an adult as I poured through benefit plans and 401k options while Garrett negotiated our salary. It was kind of a surreal moment when it all came together, and both parties agreed on the revised offer. Throughout it all, we have felt a very calm peace that has reminded us that this is the right decision for our family.

Yesterday Garrett got his official acceptance into to the graduate program here at BYU. We read over it and smiled, knowing all-the-while that we would be turning it down.

Words cannot express how proud I am of that handsome husband of mine. He has worked so hard, and his labors are blessing our family so much. Even though we've had some tough decisions to make, I'm so glad to be in a position where we even get to make those decisions...and I owe that all to Garrett. He his so smart, but on top of that he works really really really hard. I am just so proud of that boy!

So, Garrett starts on May 13, which gives us a little over 4 weeks before we need to be in Arizona!
Insert here: CRAZINESS! 
I have been searching non-stop for apartments, making lists and charts and drawings (it's true....haha!), to make sure I'm prepared when I fly out there next week to look in-person and sign a contract. Rae and I will be in Phoenix from Monday to Thursday while G finishes his finals, and then we fly to Hawaii on Friday where we'll try to relax for 10 beautiful days. When we get back, we'll have a week to pack up and drive down to AZ, and then 3 days to get as settled as possible before G's first day.

In the mean time, I also need to get some last minute necessities for Hawaii, pack for both trips, sell our apartment here in Provo, teach the lesson this week in young women's, say goodbye to all of our friends, soak up our last days in provo, schedule a moving truck, take Rae to her 9-month check-up, and send off our favorite almost-missionary.

It's crazy, but it's fun! Us Frames really do love a good adventure!


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  1. wow kaela and garrett, that's so exciting! congrats! We're happy for you guys :) we're gonna be in town for Anna and Marcus's graduation so if you're not TOO busy we'd love to meet up and say hi and goodbye. i'll text you when we're down there. good luck with everything!


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