Monday, April 15, 2013

this week

We just finished up another great weekend, and we're hoping we're ready to tackle this week.

So many things on our to do list!

  • Fly to Phoenix with a grumpy 8-month old baby girl (K).
  • Tour a million apartments (K)
  • Sign a contract for one of said apartments, hopefully (K).
  • Attend last day of undergraduate school (G).
  • Study for finals (G).
  • Finalize final papers and projects (G).
  • Take finals (G).
  • Fly home from Arizona (K).
  • Pack for Hawaii (K & G)
  • Fly to Hawaii with a hopefully happy baby (K).
  • Take more finals (G).
  • Meet his girls in Hawaii (G)!

We just gotta get through a few crazy days before we can forget about it all and relax in the Hawiian sun for 12 happy days! 

Rae and I leave for AZ in a little less than an hour. The little miss must have woken up on the wrong side of her crib this morning because she is one big grumpy pants. I think today might be her worst day yet. Teething, maybe? Who knows! I'm rrrreeeeaallly excited for the flight.

Garrett left for work a little while ago and we said goodbye for basically the next 8 days. I hate saying goodbye to that kid. Life is just so much better with him in it everyday. 

Anyways, wish us luck this week! Cross your fingers and say your prayers that we get all those 'to dos' checked off!

Peace and Love.


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  1. I'm not just saying this because you are my little sister but you are seriously so beautiful. SO beautiful..and talented, and smart, and kind and yadda yadda yadda. I miss you


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