Tuesday, May 21, 2013

hawaii 2013 [part 1]

I figure that since it's been almost a month since we got back from Hawaii, I should probably blog about it here pretty soon.

In a word, it was rockin!

When we booked the trip back in January, we thought of it as a fun vacation (that we probably couldn't afford) but that would help us get through the next year and a half of school. Knowing that we were going to Hawaii was supposed to get us through last semester, and then hold us over until we graduated.

And then, a week before we left we found out that we were done with school for the time being and Hawaii turned into the perfect break from reality as we ended one major era in our lives and started another.

I headed out with Rae 4 days early while G finished his finals. Lets just say, that day was the worst. Not only was I flying with a baby on a very long flight by myself, but an hour before my flight I got food poisoning. It was not very fun. I cried multiple times that day, but I think I would have cried twice as much if Rae weren't such an angel baby. She really is the coolest chick ever. We played for the first hour of our 6-hour flight, and then she cuddled up to me and slept until we landed. In order to save money, we flew into honolulu and got a hotel room there, and then took a short flight to Kona, on the big island, in the morning. Our hotel was kinda sketch and I got a little freaked out without G there, so Rae and I cuddled all night and we barricaded all our luggage in front of the door...just in case. Lets just say, finally arriving in Kona was the greatest eeeeevveeeer!!!

The whole reason we were able to go to Hawaii in the first place, was because my brother Kyle and his family decided to be adventurers and move there for an extended vacation. They had a beautiful home rented out for 4 months and invited us to come party it up with them! Our trip overlapped with my parents so we were greeted by lots of people who were excited to see us!

Within a few hours of arriving, we got right to it and headed to an awesome resort that my parents had a couple free nights at. We spent the next two days there and then headed back to the house each night. We swam and sun bathed and walked around and ate yummy food....everything a vacation should be! The resort was so big that it had a tram and a boat to take you from one end to the other. It had like 10 pools, with cool slides taking you from one to the other. There was even a dolphin reserve that we could just sit by and watch the dolphins way up close. It was the perfect start to our sunny vacation!

This was our first real vacation with Rae, so it was definitely a little different from past vacations. I couldn't just jump in the ocean or pool whenever I wanted...even getting into the sun was this huge process of timing it just right with naps and mealtimes, packing every little thing we might possibly need, lathering Rae up with sunscreen (which she hated), loading everything up, and then trying to make my way up and down stairs and over little bridges with a stroller and supplies. It was tough, especially without G there for the first few days. But I was lucky to have my family there who jumped to help in any way possible.

Aren't they just the cutest Mimi & Papa you have ever seen???
Overall, Rae did really well. The time difference definitely threw her off, and being apart from Daddy wasn't the funnest for her, but I still think she rocked it! She loved the ocean and the pool! And she was completely captivated by the sand....she tried to eat it by the handful. She was a trooper, and it was so much fun to show her the ocean and the beach for the first time! I've said it before, but experiencing things again through a child's eyes is one of the greatest joys!

I just love this little baby girl!

Part 2+ coming soon!



  1. I wish there was a jealous button. :) Beautiful baby Kaela!

  2. Those hammock pictures kill me. She is so darling!!


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