Wednesday, May 22, 2013

hawaii 2013 [part 2]

[part 1 found here]

So, Rae and I were there 12 days total. My parents were there for our first 3 days, and then Garrett arrived on day four! Then he was there for 8 days total.

I was reeeeeeaaaally excited for G to get there because 1. He's definitely Rae's favorite. She loves her Momma, but she's a Daddy's Girl, which I looooooove! It melts my heart. So I knew she would adjust better to the different time zone, all the new people, and the new places with him there. And 2. Garrett had never been to Hawaii, and I had only been once. So I was just excited to get my vacationing on with that lover boy.

While we were waiting for G's delayed flight to arrive, Me and Jade, and all the girls, spent our day at the Kiki Pools. It's just this calm little bay where the water is way shallow so it's safe for kids. This was Rae's first official time in the ocean and she loved it!

Once Garrett got there and we got all settled in and rested up, the real fun began! We started off by paddle boarding in the ocean! It was awesome! None of us had paddle boarded before, but it was really fun. We started out in a bay, but we could go as far out into the ocean as we wanted. It was so cool to be standing on a little surf board, so far from the beach, just totally surrounded by water. The water was so clear and blue so you could see all the pretty fish and coral below you. It was one of my favorite parts of the whole trip!

taking turns paddle boarding and holding RaeRae

sleep baby
We spent the next day surfing.....or attempting to. It's much harder than it looks! Garrett was the only one who got up (little california boy) and the rest of us just ended up sore and totally sunburned on our backs. After surfing didn't go as planned, we headed to this awesome beach that was perfect for boogie boarding. We spent the rest of the day building sandcastles, snorkeling, body surfing, and playing in the waves. This is where Rae really fell in love with the sand. She was literally eating it by the handful! At one point, just after lathering her up in sunscreen, she face planted and got completely covered in sand. It was in her eyes, up her nose, in her ear...everywhere. And she didn't even cry. She just looked at me with a totally confused look on her face while I screamed and laughed as we tried to clean her up with our water bottle.

so love this little beach bum!
My very very favorite part about the whole trip was getting to spend time with Kyle, Jade, Tayler, and Ryenn. We've been able to spend a good amount of time with them over the past few years, but being on vacation with them was just a blast! It was especially fun to hang out as couples. I had so much fun with Jade, and I loved seeing Ky and G getting to know each other better. We spent our days laughing and telling stories and helping each other take care of all the kids. It was a different kind of bonding than you can get from just hanging out. And it was the best! I loved getting to play with my nieces so much too, and I loved watching them with "Baby Rae Rae," as they called her.

Our evenings were spent either at home, making meals and playing games, or going out to eat and shopping at the downtown Kona shops! By the end of everyday, all of us were totally wiped out!

part 3 coming soon.....


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