Thursday, May 23, 2013

hawaii 2013 [part 3]

[part 1 found here, and part 2 found here]

One of my favorite days in Hawaii was the day that G and I went off to do a little exploring by ourselves! We drove up the western side of the island, to the northern tip. We could see the coast almost the whole way, and the views were breathtaking. We just chatted as we drove past beaches and the cutest little towns. It was fun to just sit with each other, driving through this beautiful paradise, just holding hands and talking. That G Frame is my best friend. It was about a 1.5 hour drive each way, but we took our time and stopped for lunch and shopping along the way. Rae was a trooper and slept most of the time, which was really nice!

We heard that the views at the northern point were nice...but we were totally floored at how beautiful it was! It really felt like a dream!

Favorite picture from the whole trip!

second favorite picture from the whole trip! my two loves!
Exploring Hawaii with my main main and my little girl was the best ever!

last hawaii post (part 4) coming tomorrow!


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