Friday, May 24, 2013

Hawaii 2013 [part 4]

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There were a few [awesome] events in Hawaii that I didn't get to document with my little iphone camera, but I still wanted to remember them. So this last post is kinda a jumble of little things I wanted to document, with or without pictures.

The whole trip just felt like fun non-stop. Even if we were just at home, bummin' around, it was still a blast. The house was on top of a hill, basically in the middle of a mini jungle. There were avocado, mango, and papaya tree's that we could go pick-and-eat from. There were fountains and pretty birds and amazing flowers. I went on a few adventures with my cute nieces around the yard and had a blast. The house had a gorgeous lanai (porch) that wrapped all the way around, and we had 180 degree views of the ocean. It was insanely beautiful! We spent a lot of time on that lanai just chatting, reading books, watching the sunset, and getting awesome concerts or puppet shows from the girls!

views from the lanai

One night we took the boat out to a really cool little cove so the boys could snorkel and spear-fish. It was pretty fun watching them swim around with their spears, trying to shoot a fish. Jade and I had the three girls on the little boat with us, and we had our hands full keeping them happy and trying to keep the boat from getting carried away in the waves. At one point, we had drifted a little bit away from the boys and we heard Garrett yelling through his snorkel. We looked over and he was splashing and yelling and trying to get ours and Kyle's attention. My heart started beating so fast as we quickly zipped over to him. Turned out that he saw a shark! He guessed that it was about 7-feet long. Apparently it wasn't a mean shark, and he was just trying to get our attention so we could all see it too, but I still freaked out and made him get in the boat.

For Garrett's graduation present, he decided to go scuba diving on our 2nd to last night there. He did a twilight dive and then a dive with like 15 manta rays that were over 17-feet across. He had a blast and I was glad he got to do it, but I was home alone with Baby Rae and totally freaked out! I'm not normally a major scardey cat (just a medium one) but I was totally freaked. Rae and I ended up spending a big portion of our night shopping at Target because I didn't like being home alone....I got some good stuff though!

On our last day with Kyle and Jade (they headed home 2 days before us), we headed up to an awesome little beach house to just relax and hang for the day. We played card games, tried to catch lizards with the girls, ate a bunch of oreo's, and hung out at the beach! It was a perfect relaxing day!

Overall, Hawaii was a dream! It was the perfect amount of time and we did everything we wanted to do! So on our last day, we just wanted to relax and soak up what time we had left in Hawaii. I took Garrett back to the resort that I had spent my first day's at and showed him around. We ended up finding the most perfect little canopy where we just sat and read for a few hours, listening to the waves crashing in front of us. After that we walked all along the beach for a bit, swam in the pools, and made the most of the resort. We sat and watched the dolphins for awhile and walked around to see all the other animals! We took our time with everything we did that day. We soaked up the sun and just enjoyed Hawaii, knowing that we would soon be going back to reality and the chaos of moving.

Hawaii couldn't have been any better. With the perfect location, the awesome house, spending time with my brother and his family, just going away with Garrett and Rae, having no responsibilities to worry about, and doing so much fun was amazing!  I loved every second of it! It was the perfect little celebratory break between our college/student era and heading off to the real world!



  1. Kaela, first of all SO jealous you guys got to go to Hawaii! I'm glad you guys had such a good time! Second... your swimsuit is beyond cute! Where did you get it??? :)

    1. Shannon, you're the sweetest! My swimsuit is just from Target. I looked and looked and looked for a swimsuit, and finally stumbled upon Target....they have a pretty good selection this year...check online if it's not in stores :)


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