Thursday, May 30, 2013

why can't people be honest?

today i'm pretty frustrated.
g and i just went through the process of buying a new car.
when we first started the process, i was excited! excited to buy a car, and excited to not be stranded at home all day with rae rae while garrett was at work with our only car. i thought it was going to be fun. wasn't very fun.
i think it could have been more fun if g and i weren't such over-analyzers. we have literally done so much research it's almost a joke.
finally we found a cute little car that we fell in love with!
we went to a couple dealerships and were pretty straight with them about what we could afford and we i ended up working out a killer deal (when it came to negotiating, g would go for a walk with rae and leave me to it)!
we jumped through all the hoops and finally drove home with our new, pretty car.
then...that night, after all was said and done, g randomly was inspired to breeze through our contract one more time. well, in doing so, he found a huuuuugggee error!
like, a five thousand dollar error!
g and i were sick all night about it. not figuratively sick, but literally sick. we didn't sleep at all and we just kept running through the whole process in our minds and out loud. at no point in the financial/contract process was this 5k mentioned. we were completely blind sided by it.
so first thing the next morning morning, rae and i headed over to the dealership to set things straight. we went in with a good attitude, hoping that it was just a big accident or misunderstanding and that no one was being dishonest.
but within minutes, it was easy to see that the financial/banker guy that we worked with was trying to scam us.
well. that fool messed with the wrong people.
long story short, we got that 5k taken off, and you better believe i worked a few extra bonuses out of them for my trouble.
i actually think the guy who scammed us might lose his job. which is just a shame. a shame that his actions are so dishonest that he will probably lose his career because of it.
which just makes me sad and frustrated. why can't people just be honest? how does this guy go home to his family knowing that he just ripped off a young family just trying to start out in the world? like, how can he feel good about himself?
it's frustrating and sad.

and that's my rant for today.
aside from that whole mess, we love our new car! the whole buying process was the pits, but driving her around town has been pretty rad!

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