Friday, June 14, 2013

10 months

This just in: Rae is still asleep. It's 9:30. Normally I would wake her up by now, but the idea of eating my cheerio's in peace (and in one sitting, without having to get up a million times) was just too inviting. It was everything I dreamed it would be.

Her first tooth just started popping through about 2 weeks ago and now it's really making it's way up. I think another one is going to show any day now because she hasn't been feeling too hot. She's usually such a happy and busy girl that I can tell pretty quickly when something is wrong. Nap times are usually a breeze but have been harder these past few days, and all she wants to do is cuddle. Which I'm definitely not complaining about. She's always soo busy that it's a pretty big inconvenience to stop to love on mom or dad. So it's made me pretty happy to see her crawling up on my lap and making herself comfortable.

She hit her 10-month mark on sunday. I get sad to leave every passing stage, but the next one's are always so fun that it makes it okay. She makes me laugh all day long. Here are a few things I want to remember about this stage:

  • As nap time approaches, she can often be found standing up at her crib (from the outside) whining and crying. She does this until I put her in. Then she giggles and grabs her blanket and a stuffed animal and goes right to sleep.
  • I think she's learned that grown up food is much better than baby food. And her only way to distinguish the two is by the type of eating utensil I'm using. So lately, if I want her to eat something, I have to use a grown up spoon. 
  • She stands up as much as she can. Her favorite place to stand is in front of the mirror. She makes faces at her reflection and will always give herself a kiss or two. It's hilarious to watch.
  • She's definitely our child because one of her favorite places to be is the pool. We just got her an awesome pool float yesterday. We let her use it for the first time last night and she was in heaven. 
  • Other than when she's under the weather, the only time I can get her to sit and relax with me is when story books are involved. The girl loves a good book. Most of her favorites are from Sandra Boynton. 
  • She's learning so much every day and it's so fun to watch. She gives kisses, high fives, and puts on a total show anytime anyone (other than mom or dad) is watching. She still loves to wave, clap, and shake her head back and forth. At church, she plays peekaboo with the people behind us as she does squats on the back of the pew over and over. 
  • While she's still a total daddy's girl, I think I'm starting to win her over a bit. Her first word was officially Mama. She has been saying both mama and dada for months now, but we only counted it if she knew what she was saying; that mama was associated with me and dada was associated with G. I was pretty happy to win that one!
  • A few weeks ago she started scrunching up her nose all the time. It was super cute and both G and I loved it. She did it more and more, and then all of a sudden her 'scrunch-nose' face turned into something else....something not very cute. She does it all. the. time. The best way G and I can describe it is as a distorted pig face....see picture below. 

I sure love that little girl.


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