Tuesday, June 11, 2013

a story about a little girl with a bow

Once upon a time there was a little girl with a bow in her hair.

This little girl and her mommy were desperate to get out of the house.
They came up with a grand plan to go to the local splash pad just down the street.
The little girl had never been to a splash pad before, but her mommy assured her that it would be so fun.
So she put on a brave face and they went.

When they got there, it seemed harmless enough.
The little girl sat in the shade, near her mommy, and enjoyed the coolness of the water.

She wasn't interested in getting very wet, but she enjoyed the mist from the fountains and the puddles of water around her.
Soon, a little boy who was also there with his mommy came over to the little girl.

He noticed her way before she noticed him, and his approach was slow and calculated.
At first he merely stood in her same general vicinity.
Slowly he inched closer and closer.

He wasn't sure how to win her affection, so he turned on his A-game.
He made faces and jumped up and down and sang her beautiful songs.
She just stared at him.

He got all his toys and brought them over for her to play with.
She had particular interest in his bucket.
Over and over he would fill it with water and put it near her.
She would stick her hands in and splash the water all over.
But not once did the little girl acknowledge the little boy, or say thank you for all he was doing for her.
Soon, all the other little boys at the splash pad shared the same fascination in the little girl.
Their playing soon revolved around the little girl and trying to get reactions from her.
The first little boy wasn't too thrilled at this change of events.
So, with determination in his eyes, he filled his bucket one. last. time.

He walked towards her, ignoring the other little boys dancing and singing around.
Finally he was close enough.
In one swift motion, the little boy dumped his entire bucket of water on the little girl.
In one swift motion, the little boy taught that little girl a lesson.
In one swift motion, the little boy ensured his reaction from the little girl.
In one swift motion, the little boy earned himself a big ol' time out from his mommy.

The little girl refused to ever go near the splash pad again.


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