Saturday, June 01, 2013


So, I feel like I should probably acknowledge that we've been living in good ol' AZ for 3 weeks now. Honestly, it feels like so much longer. I didn't really want it to, but Arizona already feels like home. We feel really confident that this is where our family is supposed to be right now.

Garrett loves his job! And I love it too. We're really impressed at how well the company has treated us so far. We feel really blessed. He works 9-hour days, monday through thursday, and then he's done at 11:30am on Friday. It's the BEST! That half day on friday will be really beneficial when we start hitting up California on the weekends, too! I can't wait!

We walked into church on our first Sunday to see my old bff's parents! It was totally unexpected, and totally the biggest treat ever. What I really needed that day was a big ol' mom hug, and that's exactly what I got! Her dad is even the bishop which is so fun! Being so close to someone we already know and love is such a comfort and blessing!

The best part about living in Arizona has got to be how high it is up on the drop down list of states. I love that I don't have to scroll down to Utah anymore...AZ is like the 3rd one down. HUUUUGE perk!
The worst part about living in AZ is that they don't have Grandma Sycamore bread. I'm considering moving back to Utah just for that. 

But we really do like it here. Yes, I have broken down a couple times missing Utah and our friends and family. But overall, its been a pretty painless transition. We love our little apartment and it's so fun figuring out what fun things we can do around us! So far we've found a couple restaurants that are bomb! Also, there's a Costco like a block away from us. I don't even know what to say about that except that it's awesome! I'm sure I'll have more to talk about now that I have a car and can go out and about during the day! 

Wahoo for having a car! And for living by costco! And for jobs and AZ and best friend's parents at church! 

So, life is good. 

And that's AZ so far for ya! 


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