Thursday, June 20, 2013

heart to heart

These past few days have been tough. Like way tough. The toughest of parenthood thus far.
I guess I never put much thought into it when people talked about how hard teething is. From my point of view, one day the kid was toothless, and what seemed like the next day he had a grin full of teeth! Maybe that really is how it is for some people, but not for us. We've got the runny nose, dripping drool, fever, no appetite, and gruuuuuuuuumpy babe.

There have been times where nothing I did would help. So I just sat there, rocking my screaming little baby. The poor girl's crying has hit a whole new level this week. Noise, pitch,'s breaking records. It's really heartbreaking. And exhausting. And patient-trying.

But, amidst it all, there have been these few-and-far-between moments that just melt my heart and make me happy to do it all over again tomorrow.

It's amazing how much this little girl has stolen our hearts.

She's been extra cuddly this week which has been the only upside to it all. Last night she woke up crying twice. When we go in to check on her, she just raises her arms up to be held and then rests her head on our shoulder. There is nothing sweeter.

It's been months since she's fallen asleep on us, so G and have had to do some mad negotiating to determine who gets to cuddle her. G was playing basketball late last night, so I got to be the sole beneficent of her cuddles. As she lay on my chest, my heart swelled with love and joy and pride and fulfillment. Yesterday was a really hard day, but at that moment I forgot about it all. I brushed her hair and tickled her back and her breath quickly evened out as she fell asleep.

Right before her eyes closed, she reached down and held my hand. She's not a big hand fact, she'll avoid it at alllll costs. So that was like the cherry on top.

The way she was resting, I could almost feel her heartbeat against mine. My heart was happy knowing that her heart was so near. I sat there for almost an hour, cuddling my little babe. She's growing up way faster than I'd like and I know that someday our heart-to-heart cuddles will end. So for now, I take all I can get, even if it means dealing with a teething baby to get there.


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