Wednesday, June 05, 2013

last date in utah

A few months ago, I picked up a groupon for a fun date at Thanksgiving Point.
I forgot about it until about a week before we moved away. So, three days before leaving, G and I headed up to Thanksgiving Point for one last hurrah before moving!
That whole day, aside from the date, was crazy busy and stressful and hectic. But when we got there, we forgot all our worries and just enjoyed ourselves. We didn't think about what we had to pack, what not to forget, or all those last minute things we had to do. We just enjoyed our time together, and reminisced on our last few years spent in Utah. It was perfect.

We started out with a fancy-schmancy dinner at the Harvest Restuarant, and it was delicious (not to mention a really nice break from all the leftovers we had been eating as we were trying to avoid grocery shopping right before leaving). Best part? Didn't cost us a dime! The groupon even covered the tip! Booooyah!
After eating we headed over to the Museum of Ancient Life. It was actually totally awesome! There was hardly anyone there and G and I just goofed off and had fun together!

It was a perfect last date in Utah and a great getaway from packing.
And, as always, I just love spending time with that G Frame.
He really is the best ever.


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